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NV Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante Collezione Speciale

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The winery quite accurately describes this beautiful wine as “Quality Aromatic Sparkling Wine – Sweet.”

They go on to explain:

This delicious young fruitful sparkling wine is made fresh every day from Moscato Bianco grapes hand-picked on the steep sun rich slopes near our winery. Our pressed grape juice is chilled within hours of the harvest. Our unique cold fermentation creates an intense aroma of fruitiness with hints of sage and rosemary. On the tongue, rich honeyed notes are balanced with the natural lighter grape must to create a taste explosion of fresh fruit and elderflower flavors.

There was once a very high-quality white wine specialist in Santa Barbara (whose winemaker was a woman from North Carolina) named Cold Heaven. Which would be a pretty good name for this.

There are no listings on Wine-Searcher anywhere for this very special premium Moscato, but it’s quite a buy at only $16.99.

You might think of this as the Dom Perignon of Moscatos: the tiny cream of the crop from a large but very high-quality producer.